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Who we are:

Finn T. Wattenberg from Skien has lived in the Philippines for the last 12 years. He has worked with humanitarian organisations all his life. Having been a member of Plan B for over twenty years, he decided to do something humanitarian and started the Young Life Foundation. "You only live once, so I decided to do something," says Finn who currently operates the orphanage the House of Dreams in Cebu, Philippines. In close cooperation with Philippine Child Welfare (DSWD), he obtains children from the slums and ensures that they get a better life. "The only thing that can combat corruption is education and it is a pleasure to contribute to this," says the founder.

Katrine Bakke from Skien became involved in the Young Life Foundation during a holiday trip two years ago. "I could not leave Cebu without helping the foundation," says Katrine who currently works as the press spokesperson and general manager of the organisation in Norway. Katrine is responsible for the sponsor scheme and financial contributions and ensures that donors contributions go directly to the Young Life Foundation. "Many of the children I met did not get medical care or necessary operations. It is such a small amount of money needed to give children a better life," she says. "It feels great to be able to help them. "